Monday, November 21, 2011

Abraham and Isaac

My Sunday school class gets first crack at my pen and ink drawings, though I don't tell them I did them.  They don't need to know that.

In this story, Abraham has been called by God to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice.  Abraham sets off to do his grim duty, determined to follow the instructions of the God of the universe, no matter how counter it seems to everything that has passed before.
Of course, once he has proved that he was willing, God stops him and tells him to offer a ram instead. 

I won't go into the theology of this story here though, just the art.   Abraham is old and determined; Isaac is young and trusting, but puzzled. 


  1. Vicky--I enjoyed viewing all of your illustrations and postcards. I saw the drawing of Abraham and Isaac first and was struck by how much emotion you put into the child's face with seemingly little but dashes. Amazing. I love the watercolors. Such an unforgiving medium and you seem to have made friends with it. Brava!

  2. Vicki, You have such lovely line quality. It's direct and flowing. You say much but use less.

    I know you don't want to take away from the lesson and focus on yourself, but you just might inspire a budding young artist in your class if they knew you had drawn these. It is God's gift in the end. Why not share? Just a thought. Regardless, keep doing these. They are wonderful and so expressive.

  3. Kim, thanks for that little word to the wise about inspiration. I will ponder that.