Line work

Toby and Sam are prepared to find out what kind of creature is bothering Toby's grandma.
tubing down the creek

Abraham and Isaac

Abraham and the visitors

Moses and the burning bush
The wedding at Cana

Jacob meets Laban
Baby Moses in the bulrushes

Lot's family prepares to leave Sodom

Gloria in excelsis deo
Homeschooling parents who would like print these images for use as coloring pages are hereby granted permission to do so.  If something comes of them that you would like to share, I would be very happy to see it.
Thank you.


  1. Your work is very good!!! Thank your for sharing!!!

  2. I'd like to use your Moses and the Burning Bush coloring page for my upcoming Sunday School lesson. Would that be included in the permission statement above?
    I love how you made Moses not just a young guy! Much more Biblically accurate than most coloring pages of this story!

    Thanks, Jolene Barker

    1. Hi Jolene.
      I apologize for getting to this so late. Yes, I hope you went ahead and used the picture; that was included in the permission statement. I am really happy to have my work be used to help kids learn scripture.
      How old are your students?
      I teach sixth grade religious ed myself, and we study the Old Testament.