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Jesus and Peter
Christmas card 2011

2010 Christmas card

Aunt Sally

a watercolor sketch of Tofu

"So in peace our tasks we ply, Pangur Ban my cat and I."

Seth's grave
another take on Seth's grave
kelp forest

I love collage.   I love the idea that each color is a discrete entity of its own.  I enjoy the process of using beautiful papers, cutting them, and pasting them on board.  I love the flatness of the finished product, and the way some papers are translucent.
This was an experiment with papers I brought back from Japan last May.  I'd like to do more underwater scenes in collage.  Kelp forests are magical places, right offshore here, invisible to us standing on the beach not very far away, but in a different world. There is mystery in the darkness of the water.  You can only see just so far; what is beyond?  

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  1. Hello Victoria!
    How can I connect you? We create catholic web site in Latvia and we like your arts.If you are interested in it, let`s me know sono4@yandex.ru