Crusader Dog and Skunky sail to Japan

Tofu and canine friend Jonny floating dandelions down a stream

pomegranates and red birds in our tree by the wall--winter

This one is for Kate, to say thank you.
With my grandson Tofu living in Japan, I send him postcards from time to time, to keep in touch.   

Reading the book of Anno's work

Big Dog, three little cats, and a hawk

The animals try some gymnastics
water for western Africa

The card below is the only one of the group not intended for family and friends. 
I made it to send to art directors, to put my name into their reference library. 

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  1. love the postcards. the line drawings are great. oddly they bring to mind the line drawing illustrating bible stories when i was in sunday school. so if you were going for that you nailed it. love the water color of seth's grave. last time you sent me something there was no stone. that must be sort of new?