Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The stuffed animals try some gymnastics

Another postcard for Tofu

Japanese schools have a wonderful event in the fall called the undoukai, or Sports Day.  In it, all the students and many of the parents, friends, and neighbors participate in various relay races, games, contests, and performances.  The older children (Sixth grade) do acrobatic manoeuvers like pyramids, and other feats of skill that in the US we reserve for cheerleaders and gymnasts. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Japan for the undoukai at Tofu's school in September, and so I got to take part in the games.  We have some photos of Sixth graders making pyramids, which Big Dog (lower left) thought looked very fun.  He got together some of the other animals and together they made a pyramid.  But after two rows, the ones on the bottom started to get quite tired.  Who could they find to be on top, who would not make the pile too heavy? 


  1. You infuse so much life into your little characters, Vickie. Adorable illustration. Good to hear you were able to go to Japan for a visit.

  2. Thank you Kim. I love sending these postcards to my grandson. He likes them and I like doing them, and besides, it gives him English reading practice.