Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moses and Pharoah's daughter

Continuing to illustrate the handouts for my sixth grade Sunday school classes.  The subject matter is always available, the kids like the drawings, and I have an ongoing, low-pressure commission.  If I decide later that my skills have increased so that I can depict the story better, I'll redo it for next year.     


  1. Very, very nice Viki! No need to repeat it next year, just choose another scene.

  2. Lovely linework, Vicki. Is that Miriam on the right? These would also be perfect to pull out during worship services for children to color. I can see a whole coloring book filled with these lovely drawings.

  3. Thank you very much Jay and Kim. Yes, that's Miriam.
    Jay, I illustrated this scene last year, and it seemed OK when I did it, but this year I realized I could do better, so I did it again. Maybe next year I will see some other places it can be improved.
    I am considering gathering all my teacher's notes and drawings together for other teachers of Old Testament.