Monday, September 19, 2011

Promo postcard, take two

It really helps to have some critique from a friend you can trust, someone with a good eye who knows what good illustration can be, and doesn't let you get away with doing less than the best you can do. 

Using the same basic idea (and some of the same books), I redid the postcard.  I am much more satisfied with this one.  Besides that, I won't have to put any information on the back: it's all on the front.


  1. Vicki, this is really, really good. I don't see a single element that recedes into the haze of the unimportant; Everything's done with intent. I miss seeing your big, smiling face, but having you waving and welcoming us in from the background really gives the viewer some room to move in and explore, without fear of crowding you. Even your animals have more character this time around- Especially the um. Kangaroo? Whatever it is, it's so round, and has so much eagerness. I'm amazed you could wring that much life out of a small, stuffed aloha shirt-wearing toy.

  2. I realllllllllllllllly like this!